Sydney Dyslexia Correction

helping dyslexic adults and children utilise their gift    

The One Year School

Most of 2019 I have created an app (together with an amazing app designer), which is called The Dyslexia Tutor. I am totally excited how well it has turned out, but you won't find it in any app store yet. 

The aim is to help my clients more profoundly and after a five-day correction program send them home with their own tutor in a pocket, the app.  It will not only serve as a guide through the coming months, but I will be able to monitor their progress every step of the way and comment on the words they are mastering.

During our week together, they will get very confident to get focused, improve their memory, learn by using their visual creative talent to self-correct the challenges of dyslexia. Reading, spelling and writing will become easier every day and they will become very proficient on the use of the app to make this One Year School fun and transformational.

Starting with 2020, I will no longer provide one-on-one Dyslexia Correction programs, but instead turn the process around, offering the One Year School as an ongoing and profound working process for teenagers and adults  (who are struggling with literacy and numeracy, as well as the parents of Dyslexic children, to fundamentally change themselves and their own difficulties, including nutrition, education and mental health, all during a five-day luxury beach retreat).

Contact me to find out when the courses will be running - the groups will be small and the five days include the course, the materials needed, the use of the app for one year, accommodation and all meals.