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Books written by
Barbara Hoi

The Right Brain for the Right Time

The world is speeding up. Weeks are flying by, information flooding us, technology submerging our lives - fast and increasingly visual. Dyslexics are Picture Thinkers. None are better equipped for the time we live in than those who are currently struggling in our schools.

Parents, teachers, therapists and dyslexics of all ages will find this breakthrough book to gain:

- Thought-provoking insights into dyslexia

- Loads of practical exercises to help with focus, reading, writing, spelling

- Understanding of dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, hyperlexia, Asperger Syndrome

- Confidence to support and empower children to reach their full potential.

The book is available in paperback form for $19.50 

and also as an e-book for your Kindle for $8.70

Nurturing the Secret Garden

The charming story of 'the Secret Garden' is a tale of transformation - as much as the ability to read can fundamentally transform a person's life. Gaining fluency and enjoyment of reading can be like establishing a beautiful garden in your backyard.
When working with dyslexic students or anyone who struggles with literacy, accurate focus and the mastery of words are our tools to master reading. Abstract words that visual learners find hard to picture get planted like seeds. It is then up to the apprentice gardener to continue planting, weeding and pruning once all the knowledge has been passed on.
The daily exercises and reading this book are watering the new garden to full maturity and bloom. No wonder 'the Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett seems like a perfect choice to create the road map to our own stunning garden of knowledge. 

The book is available in paperback form for $24.00 

and also as an e-book for your Kindle for $9.90

Learning your Times Tables in Three Bold Steps

I have chosen the “Three Bold Steps” because:

Three: a trio, triptych, trilogy, trinity, troika…for Maths: triangular, third, threefold, three-dimensional. Like the famous ‘rule of three’ in writing, that also shows up in jokes, fairy tales and slogans, among many other mediums, I have always found it easy to remember and apply three things or strategies.

Bold: a person, action, or idea showing a willingness to take risks; confident, daring, brave and courageous. I have chosen bold as the adjective, as I believe it takes courage to change and apply a different approach to a challenge.

Steps: always implies a movement forward to a new position or level. Anybody who picks up a book to improve a task or a situation wants to move their understanding to a new place, a better place.


Hi Barbara,

I have just read your book and it was an emotional experience. I counted 7 tissues, at times I had to get up and walk away it was too much for me, so many emotions came to the surface that I had blocked from my memory in my own childhood.

I am sure now that I had this problem but it was just swept under the carpet from my mother. My Mother just said to me well Shirley you just would say to me I’m not doing my homework and she just thought I was spoilt or lazy and did it for me. The thing was I couldn’t do it, even if I tried. I fell so behind in my schooling that I felt lost. I didn’t do well at school I excelled at dancing and I was beautiful…..haha not now, so to my Mother all was fine.

I can remember being around a Manager's meeting table and being asked to read legal forms for all the other managers. I was a Manager for a large department store. I was so overcome with dizziness, all the words were blurry, I just shook my head and handed it to the next Manager. I think I woke up one morning and it was gone. Maybe I was in my late twenties. 

I can read very well now, I just don’t recall when exactly this happened. My spelling is fairly good now I put that down to using my computer every day and having auto spell check.

My husband Jonathan has dyslexia in his family - his Grandfather and Uncle. I  feel my Father has it also but he is very proud and I can’t talk to him about anything that is deemed as a weakness.

I am so happy I found you for Jack. 

Warm Regards


Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Hi Barbara,
I have just finished reading your book: The Right Brain for the Right time;  so many characteristics of me in it!!
Couldn't put it down; rushed to get to the end.
didnt really get to the end - never do finish a book completely
didn't read it sequentially
Loved every word of it

I think I have finally got it, the bit about dyslexics being visual learners,  I have always thought of myself as an auditory learner because I could never learn from the written word but I never stopped to make those pictures out of the words, but i  could do that while someone was talking, as long as they paused for a few seconds at the end of their sentence. And hate it if they still keep plattling on without a pause.

Wow! thanks so much!

I cant wait to give the book to my daughter.  There are so many simple, non threatening suggestions for her in it! 

one little offshoot that occurred to me: that i am loosing my balance as i get older - what a line ( story) !!!  My mind's eye is out...  Wohoo! now to correct that instead of falling over.

Many thanks

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Hi Barbara,

Gosh your book is superb. I didn't want it to end. It flows beautifully, is so easy to read on every level: the spacing of the type, the language and the content. We have a large number of books in our house, in bookcases in almost every room but your book is going to go on the shelf in my bedroom, with my collection of special core reference books that I refer to over and over and only lend to those I can trust to return them promptly.

It was the best $20 I have spent in a long time and I want to buy one for a friend whose 9 year old daughter has more pronounced dyslexia than my daughter. I can't wait for your Maths book to be available. Not to detract from his own unique abilities, but I can see where your son may have inherited his writing talent.

I will be in touch and thanks again from a now less anxious and more hopeful parent,


Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Books written by
Ronald D. Davis

The Gift of Dyslexia

This book outlines a unique and revolutionary program with a phenomenally high success rate in helping dyslexics learn to read and to overcome other difficulties associated with it. This new edition is expanded to include new teaching techniques and revised throughout with up-to-date information on research, studies, and contacts.

Purchase the book here.

Autism and the Seeds of Change

An in-depth look at a revolutionary approach to empower individuals with autism, and provide the understanding and tools needed to achieve their full potential. The Davis Autism Approach is uniquely geared to the autistic perspective, and enables each person to make sense of their world and the motivations and behaviors of others around them. This book explores the history of development of the Davis method, explores its connections to emerging scientific research, and takes the reader on a guided journey through the three phases of the program: Individuation, Identity Development, and Social Integration.

Purchase the book here.