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Quotes ...Which brings me to the next subject ? Sam ? He is doing really well. We are getting lots of extra nice comments about how he is going really well at school. Just fantastic. Yesterday was the open day and scholarship exam for the boarding school ?The Armidale School? TAS ? that he is going to next year. The day was really good and now he is so excited about going, which we think is just great. Look forward to hearing from you. Lindy Quotes
Lindy, about son
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Hi Barbara, I have finished all my words!!! And guess what, I have become school captain and won the speech contest. Thank you so much for everything. Sam Quotes
Sam (11 years old)
Dyslexic client

Quotes Hey Barbara I've finished all my words today and I got my report. I went up about two grades in each subject. Thank you for helping me From Jared Quotes
Jared (10) Queensland
young client
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