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Quotes "My name is Elias and I am 8 years old. I have always had a problem with Reading and Writing. I am Dyslexic and I am in Year 2. I had to repeat Year 1 - but with not much success. After working with Barbara for 3 days, I find it much easier to read and write. What helps me now is to breathe deeply and relax. I also learned to focus better. Before I worked with Barbara, I had to sweat every time I was asked to read something. At school we used to have a piece of paper with Maths on one side, reading on the other. Just looking at it I became anxious and started to sweat a lot - and I couldn't even think any more. There is nothing I could do. I felt like a fly that is trapped. I am so lucky I found Barbara, as I felt already much better after the first day. When I came home after the first day, I read a book to my brother that night. Something I had never done before." Elias R., 8 Quotes
8 years old

Quotes Lauren has been classified as 'highly dyslexic', not likely to ever being able to read or write: After a one week correction program we did another week of group work, having fun with all the 'abstract words', like "in, from, for, yet, sure".... Her mum wrote a letter today: Dear Barbara, I don?t know where to start...... Thank you for being so passionate, about helping not only children but people of all ages. You are the most creative, electric, positive and beautiful person that I have had the pleasure to meet. The changes that I have seen in Lauren since finishing the 2 week Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme has been amazing. From the way she is retraining herself the basic sight words and now starting to read, to her own self confidence. I thank you so much.....Love, Leanna Quotes
mum of Lauren, 15

Quotes Dear Barbara, Thank you so much for lighting our paths. I am so glad to have found the pathway to you. There are no words that can adequately describe our gratitude to you. Our lives are now so enriched by your teaching and nurturing. love, Jen Quotes
Jen F.
mother of Kane

Quotes Dear Barbara, This week has been the best thing to happen to me in a long time. I never thought something like this could change my life, but it has. I just want to say 'thank you' so much, you are an amazing person. Keep up the good work. P.S. This is the most I've ever written on a card! Kane Quotes
Kane F.
Teenage client

Quotes My son Daniel was 9 years old when he started the Dyslexic Program with Barbara. He had problems at school, academically (especially reading and spelling) and with his behaviour. He was put on Ritalin to contain his hyperactivity, but after being on Ritalin for 9 months, his personality had changed dramatically, he had no appetite, slept badly and was apathetic. After finishing the course with Barbara, I noticed within two weeks a huge change in his confidence. The teacher also commented at the time about his improved attention span. Within that time, especially 3 - 4 months after starting, a real difference started to set in academically, which reflected in his school report. He started Year 5 in Private School and the new school neither knows nor notices any learning difficulties or signs of hyperactivity. He gets honours and credits on a regular basis, is very focussed and achieves highly in every aspect. Never went back on Ritalin. We are very happy. Quotes
mother of Daniel

Quotes Hi Barbara, Here are the changes I experienced: Isabella's spelling improved exceptionally, her concentration became more focused, she is learning easier in class and became calmer. Barbara, I'll add that Isabella's behaviour is more rational, she very rarely becomes hysterical when stressed but is able to calm herself down or have the sense to remove herself from the stressful situation. Quotes
mother of Isabella

Quotes My daughter Maggie was 11, when she did the Dyslexia Correction Program with Barbara. Her main goals were to read, write and spell better. The first day she walked out of the programme she said, "mum, this is going to help me" and then explained that, for the first time, the letters of the alphabet meant something to her. After the program finished, she said she felt like she could listen better at school and that it was easier to understand when the teachers explained things. She said that last year when teachers talked,there were always other things going on in her head, but that wasn't happening any more. Most importantly, Maggie feels differently about herself. She says: "I feel like a smart kid now". Her confidence has grown and it has generalized to other areas of her life. At the same time I noticed that she had more confidence with her peer group. She has been able to walk away from the pressure of conforming to one group, establishing a broader circle of friends. Thank you! Quotes
mother of Maggie

Quotes My son Henry (aged 9 at the time of the Dyslexia Correction Program) and I were lucky enough to be able to spend 2 weeks with Barbara Hoi, Henry for the first week and me for the second. Henry has helped me during the second week. I have managed throughout my life to deal with dyslexia, and have managed to become successful in the finance business by understanding how best to get around the difficulties, and in a senior management roll, utilise others to get through detail. I became aware very early that Henry had some of the same issues that I had. The 2 weeks we spent with Barbara have been an incredible experience for both of us. The confidence that Henry has developed since we finished has been remarkable. We are now spending our time doing 'trigger' words, and Henry has found it fun, which of course makes it much easier. He actually picks up a book to read now, enjoying it; improving his grades at school considerably. Quotes
Matthew Birch
father and son program

Quotes I have just finished a Davis Dyslexia Correction Program with Barbara Hoi and already see amazing results in my daily life. I know how to be centred and able to handle situations that would have confused me before. My reading, writing, organising and driving have improved a lot. I feel calmer in general, before I was often stressed out. Now I am more joyful within myself and discovered my creative talents. The program has given me more mental energy. Before I was chronically mentally exhausted - and had been for about 30 years...the contradiction of being intelligent and feeling stupid. My level of confidence has returned (it left me at age 7, when I went to school), the social awkwardness has gone too and I am reclaiming my space. Barbara made tasks that seemed impossible before light and joyful. She has great wisdom which she combines with her facilitation skills, which gives it an extra dimension. What a fulfilling and life-changing experience, I am grateful Quotes
adult client

Quotes Hallo Barbara, How are you? I began my studies of Gestalt and it goes very well! Thanks for all your help! I am much better now, still a few words to master but I am already happy... Joshu Quotes
Joshu (38)
adult client