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Quotes The fact was that Barbara taught me that Dyslexia was not a disadvantage but in fact a huge advantage, this turned my thinking around. Barbara was able to show me where my brain was working and why I thought the way I did. Barbara also taught me what the ?rest of the world? wanted and how they see the world. Barbara has given me the confidence to pick up the pieces and try again, despite how high the mountain in front me is. The fact is that there will always be mountains in our journey, it?s how we approach these mountains which shows our worth. Passage of a letter by Dr. Neil Macpherson, PHD Quotes
Dr. Neil Macpherson
a great adult program

Quotes The difference: January this year Josephine was borrowing picture books from the library, would never willingly read and If she had to would read very simple books for her age. August this year she has just finished the first Harry Potter. She is reading every night voluntarily. The big difference also is, that she now believes she has a very special gift that will be hugely beneficial in her life, and that dyslexia is just a different way of learning. She now wants to spread the word and is very confidently telling everyone she is dyslexic and that's OK! She said to me, "Now I can tell other kids my age it's Ok, not to worry, they just need to learn the right way (for them) to learn." It wasn't until Barbara pointed out the special traits that picture thinkers had that it all made sense: creative, intuitive thinking, a fantastic imagination and great storytellers! I am so grateful that Barbara has given Josephine the confidence to proudly say " I am Dyslexic" Quotes
Kelli D
My daughter Josephine

Quotes I know that may be a little long, I had trouble shortening that. You may use the shorter thing you originally wanted if you want. But I think it sells you short. I think the Davis stuff is great, but there is a lot more , probably even more important, that I think you gave us. And that was the healing / getting us ready to try again. I don't know if you did that intentionally or if it was just a combination of the location, the beautiful accommodation, your personality, the Davis technique, but without that, we wouldn't have made the progress we have. Thank you, Sara Quotes
Sara, Qld
Part 2/

Quotes We are so glad to have spent a week with Barbara studying the Davis Dyslexia Correction Technique. Barbara took us on a journey of discovery, and emotional healing. She repaired self esteem, equipped us with some really useful techniques and started us on a road of positivity and success which honours my son's unique talents. My son now enjoys reading and is often awarded 10 out of 10 with spelling. He now enjoys school. Our week with Barbara was like a special seaside retreat, and left both Robert and I refreshed, healed, inspired and ready to work. Completing the Davis programme does take some commitment and time, but it is time very well spent, and Barbara equips students and parents so very well for success. Robert and I both thank Barbara from the bottom of our hearts. Sara Quotes
Robert from Queensland
Happy mother, 3 months after program

Quotes Hi Barbara, Uni is pretty good. The confidence I have now is making a real difference, so I am getting work in and passing. What you have taught me is coming in very handy. Thanks, Dyl Quotes
Uni students, back at Uni after Dyslexia training
email from Dyl

Quotes 13-year old Dyslexic boy: Wrote to me on 28/2/13 On Tuesday I had to hand in an assignment on Warrington Boarding School, which is actually a fake school. I was proud of the work I handed in, because I did everything myself. Yesterday I got the results back for it, and I had an "A". I was very happy because it was the first "A" I ever got! Thank you, Barbara. Robbie, 13 (did a Dyslexia correction program in January 2013) Quotes
Robbie L, 13
My first 'A' ever

Quotes "My name is Dylan. Recently I discovered that I had Dyslexia. I was quite surprised, as I thought I would have been picked up at school. But I am now 20 and in my third year at UNI. It was a massive relief, making this discovery, because I realised, I wasn't that lazy, unmotivated or dumb. Which is how I felt all through school and UNI. Now I hopefully won't fail any more subjects at UNI. Barbara has shown me punctuation, ways to learn words, that I now fully understand. ...basically giving hope for the future. It's early days but I am excited and confident for what I will be able to do in the very near future." Quotes
Dylan P.
20-year old UNI student

Quotes This course does not only correct Dyslexia, but it also prompts you to look at your life and change it into what you really desire for yourself. I originally took the Course to understand and possibly help my own son; however, along the way I was inspired to alter my mindset and look into a field of creative and renewed possibilities. I recommend it to anyone who wants to delve into the world of the Gift of Dyslexia and its many aspects - or who wants to turn Dyslexia into a gift to themselves. Quotes
Rosie Bl.
Mother and Teacher

Quotes I have found this course a very life-changing experience for me. It has made me a very different person from what I was before starting in October this year. 2012. There were parts I was sceptical of, but to my surprise I have come to make them a very big part of my daily life, changing not only me, but also others around me: family, friends and work associates. I would say to anyone who would like to make big changes in their lives to do this course, whether for self improvement or to help others. They will be well rewarded by completing this course with Barbara Hoi. Quotes
Robert G.
Adult Dyslexic in his 60s

Quotes "Once upon a time there was a girl called Bella who had Dyslexia and there also was a girl that told me I had Dyslexia, and her name is Braba (Barbara). Well, when I found out that I had Dyslexia I was shocked in a way. I was having trouble at school and found out about the Dyslexia in June. I had a course about it in August and have just finished now. I have learned so much! I have been at the Entrance with Braba and she is so nice. I cannot thank my mum enough to have taken me here. Bella, 11 Quotes
11 years