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Quotes I think the best part was the process to get him centered to realize what he is about to undertake and the willingness to do so. He is now willing to start tasks like writing that used to scare him and undertake the process, knowing he can do it. He now knows he can achieve anything he sets his mind to. Quotes
Ronin's mum
satisfied mum

Quotes I don't think my reading was bad but Barbara helped me to get over my reluctance to write. I feel I now have more confidence in spelling and writing. Also, now i can tell the time and convert analogue to digital time easily. Thanks, Barbara Quotes
Ronin G
young client

Quotes I have found the tools I received very helpful. I used to try to read fluently, without paying much attention to what I read. Now I stop and make a picture and not only comprehend everything, but I also study what I read, make bullet points, break down the text, think and comment about it and it helps me enormously to get my bachelor of theology. My clay alphabet always sits next to my computer to help me remember the spelling of difficult words. Reading the book you gave me (The Purpose Driven Life) has also been life-changing. Being present helps me to focus and be in the middle. Thank you, Barbara Quotes
Richard Pen
Dyslexic Adult Client

Quotes Barbara you are an amazing woman that has been the angel to so many kids and adults just like me. You showed me who I truly am and will always be and how to accept that. There aren't enough words to describe you. I am truly and utterly thankful that I was able to meet someone like you in my life. You have been a great large part of who I am and who I will grow to be. Growing up with the knowledge you have given me has dramatically inspired me to be true to myself and accept who I am and accept others. Barbara, I will never forget what you have done to me and I will never forget you. Quotes
Josie Part 4
last part of best testimony ever

Quotes I remember telling myself to really try and focus because for once in my life someone actually cared how I felt and how I went in school (other than my family). You showed me a Harry Potter book, and I just thought this woman is crazy, I can?t read that. Sure enough that book was the first book I had ever competed in my life. After that trip I was going so well teaching myself in class and people started to work with me again. We decided to book again to the Entrance for maths. I remember being so happy when I completed some large number divided by another (5.2439588312 รท 3.2225). I am now a 14 year old girl that can read, write and complete large maths equations. I am in year eight at Mater Dei Catholic Collage with great grades and amazing friends. Quotes
Josie Part 3
14 year old former client - Part 3

Quotes About three week before we were about to leave I remember coming home from school and just crying. I don't exactly know what I was crying about. Maybe because I was angry at the teachers and myself. Every time I asked a teacher to spell a word she would say 'sound it out'. I always tried so hard to sound it out again, but it just made me more confused and angry. By this time I just thought there is no use in trying when I'm not getting any smarter. Every day I would pray that I didn't have to read out loud. Just the thought of that made me sick. Words just wouldn't come out of my mouth and would sometimes switch around. When it came time to leave for Sydney, I didn't tell anyone, not even my best friend that I was visiting you. Finally the day had come to meet you for the first time. I remember sitting down and the first thing you said to me was, 'How are you?' and I said 'Good'. You then replied, 'How are you really going, what are your worries?' Quotes
Part 2 - 14year old former client

Quotes Hi Barbara, it's J.D. I'm not sure if you will remember me but I certainly remember the person who changed my life physically and mentally. When I was little I just thought not being able to spell and read was normal, but as I grew older the other kids in my class just seemed to pick up and know everything so quickly. As I got older, teachers started to give me ?special treatment? (which I hated ) and soon enough the other kids in my class started to look down on me, and didn?t want to work will me. I still remember the first time mum sat me down and told me she had been looking into a lady called Barbara Hoi who might be able to help me read and write. At this time I had no idea I had dyslexia. Soon enough mum told me she had booked 3 days in Sydney with you. I think I was just exited that this lady could change my life, which is what happened. We had to wait about one or two months before mum said we could go, and OMG that was one of the longest one/two months of my life... Quotes
14-year old former client (Part 1)

Quotes Barbara, you have given me the tools to work out the meanings for words, sentence structure, grammar and now I enjoy reading! I am starting to see patterns and I am getting the academic foundations to apply at Uni. Now I am confident in my ability to tackle my course. I now read differently and see the context from a different perspective. Words now have meaning! I now know how to build words, remember their spelling and put them in sentences. I am more excited now about my future - it's like being excited about putting the puzzle together. Thank you so much! Quotes
38-year old Client

Quotes "Hi Barbara, I don't know if you have had any contact with my daughter-in-law Kelli from Wagga, you helped her daughter Josephine with her dyslexia. I just want to let you know that she is doing incredibly well at school, her reading is amazing. A recent assignment that she did was so good that her teacher insisted that she read it to the school at assembly - at first she was reluctant, but then she relented and she read it out. This would never have happened if she hadn't met you." Quotes
Kate from Wagga
Grandmother of a former client

Quotes This week has been transforming on all levels. Barbara has been truly amazing, showing great patience and wisdom in our week with her. Coming to the program with my son, I thought our time here would be all about him acquiring the tools to read; however, it was so much more than that! Healing occurred on all levels, especially for me as a mum, making me aware of the importance of my role. Barbara stood strong next to me through trying times and I can honestly say we are leaving this course with more strength than when we arrived. Thank you a thousand times for presenting this opportunity for families just like us to be guided with your love and wisdom, Cassie Quotes
Cassie Hutton
satisfied mum
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