Sydney Dyslexia Correction

helping dyslexic adults and children utilise their gift    

How can this Problem I am Living with be called a 'GIFT?'  . . .

With a rising success rate with clients, the  'Sydney Dyslexia Correction Program and Workshops' are becoming more widely sought after and recognized by educationalists, parents, teachers and tutors as a highly effective solution for individuals struggling in the 'system'.

The program offers tools for visual learners to not just cope, but thrive in an auditory learning environment. 

The ability to regain their focus is critical for these learners and for their future success.

Another component of the program will help them to eliminate those confusions or the 'triggers' for those confusion.

Sydney Dyslexia provides correction programs to dyslexic individuals and/or retreats for parents or caretakers. The standard program can run from Monday through to Friday (all depending on individual needs).


The program is for both adults and children. 

A client will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for them to access their own learning potential. These tools, when used, will open the doors for a lifetime of learning and success.

Sydney Dyslexia Correction's approach is not based on tutoring or drill, but actually resolves the root causes of problems experienced by individuals with Dyslexia or ADD.   

Curious whether you are 'lucky' to be Gifted with Dyslexia? 

Call us for your NO obligation consultation ($ 120), or take a FREE online 'Self Assessment'.

Barbara Hoi

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Individual Correction Programmes:

3 Step Program Schedule

Step 1

Contact us and book your consultation.
An initial consultation not only assesses whether the individual is suitable for this program, but it also determines their learning style, their needs, goals and if they are ready to change.

Step 2
A program is tailored to an individual client's needs. Most programs run for five consecutive days.

The program works in harmony with the person's visual learning style and provides strategies to become and remain focused.   Picture thinkers are confused by things that make no sense to their picture thinking style.

Step 3
After a program

It is important that the individual be allowed and expected to take charge of their own learning. Training is provided for a support person to guide them through this process.


To book your No Obligation consultation      

Email or call Barbara on

M: 0402 686 327


Programs Offered:

Sydney Dyslexia Correction
A tailor made program addressing language based learning difficulties. 

Suitable for dyslexic adults and children ages 8 or older.

Parents Correcting Dyslexia & Supporting their Children (NEW!)

Parents who are not dyslexic often find it difficult to relate to a dyslexic child and will benefit from this course, guiding them towards understanding and supporting the struggling child, leading them towards literacy. 

Often one or both of the parents are dyslexic too and the course will help them first, so they are better equipped to help their child afterwards. 

An in-depth course program will be emailed to you on request. As these courses are done in a small group, they are a very reasonable investment - and conducted in a luxurious spa-like environment, where accommodation and healthy food is included.

Numeracy Program
A program for correcting dyscalculia effectively and gaining maths skills using three dimensional learning.

Sydney Dyslexia Drug FREE ADD/ADHD program
This drug-FREE approach helps those with ADD/ADHD to control energy levels and to focus. 

A consultation is necessary to gain access to the approach that best suits you, your child and your circumstances. 

Call Barbara for questions (0402 686 327) or to book an assessment.

How Do I Know If It's Dyslexia I'm Dealing With?

Whether you are an adult or you are here for your child / spouse / sibling / friend, you are probably looking for answers to some kind of Learning Problem that you or your child or someone you know may be experiencing; and therefore need some guidance or information to help you determine this.

Join me in exploring what else is possible for you and your life!

How often do you have the same thoughts, feel the same old feelings and repeat the same old life patterns you know are not working for you or rewarding ... but you keep repeating them anyway? How often do you feel there is something wrong with you because you just can't 'get' this reality "right"?

-- What if the "right way" is only a question of perspective?

-- What if there is no right or wrong?

-- What if you already know everything you need to know?

When limiting patterns are corrected and released, the magical abilities of the Infinite 'You' are realized. With new tools, this program can open you to creating a powerful gateway of possibilities where you are the creator of your life, a life that finally makes sense and begins to work for you.

There are a couple of ways to bring these tools and techniques into your life, for example, through books and DVDs, but the most effective way is through a program.

As a talented being, isn't it time to use your strengths, talents and abilities to create a phenomenal life?

This program is unique for each person.  Each session is confidential and conducted with a high regard for your personal limits and abilities, as well as support and encouragement.

Is it time for you to create a new life? 

Through the Program

We offer a unique educational correction program dedicated to those struggling with learning or focusing, to attain the skills, confidence and motivation needed to achieve their goals. Many adults and children with average/high levels of intelligence, curiosity, creativity and innovation struggle with everyday tasks. Sydney Dyslexia is proud to such a variety of solutions and courses available.

We facilitate the use of these individuals' positive gifts, to remove the obstacles which prevent the natural learning process from occurring

Discover why these bright individuals have difficulty learning, when using traditional methods. We'll show you how learning can be made easy, enjoyable and ADD can be corrected, DRUG FREE

Common Characteristics of Dyslexia

  • Is bright/articulate - but unable to read, write or spell at age level

  • Has a high IQ - but doesn't test well

  • Feels dumb, has low self esteem

  • Seems to zone out/daydream

  • May omit, reverse or substitute words

  • Complains of headaches/dizziness when reading

  • Has low reading comprehension

  • Has difficulty putting thoughts into words

  • Difficulty creating or maintaining order

  • Has difficulty with telling time and managing time

  • Strong sense of justice, emotionally sensitive

Locations for Program

NEW Parent Retreat

Dyslexia Retreat @ 10 & 11/9-13 Hutton Road, The Entrance North:

Can you imagine attending a course in a spa-like setting, bordering the ocean, where you watch the sunrise, start the day with meditation, exercise and potentially a swim in the ocean, sitting down to a marvelous and healthy breakfast, before starting the program. In a small group of like-minded parents we explore the dyslexic mindset and how to use its gifts to our advantage, bringing forth the best in us and the child, who may currently struggle at school.

Interactive, fun and filled with all the knowledge and wisdom you will need to support yourself and any family member afterwards. 

You will not only get help with dyslexic issues, but parenting, education and nutritional advice, practicing and thereby gaining the confidence to implement the new knowledge. 

The program includes accommodation, the dyslexia correction program and all meals, which you will be able to help prepare and cook for your family afterwards. 

contact Barbara if you want more information:

mob: 0402 686 327

Alternatively, for Sydney Clients, who wish to do the program here in Sydney, you can come to: 

36 Queen Street, Mosman, NSW 2088

and enjoy the same 30-hour-one-on-one program in your own city. Ok, you have to get to Mosman in the morning at a time that suits you to beat the traffic, and pick up your child in the afternoon at 3pm or 3.30 pm. The outcome, however, will be the same:

You or your child will gain the confidence to master their literacy, numeracy and/or attention and will leave with all the tools and materials necessary to continue their journey towards a rewarding school experience.

All our programs are tailored for the individual to use their visual or  kinaesthetic learning  preference to gain mastery in an auditory environment, which their schooling represents. They will be equipped with the tools, confidence and competency to apply their new knowledge in any setting.