Sydney Dyslexia Correction

helping dyslexic adults and children utilise their gift    

Dyslexia Correction at a Beach-side Retreat

Dyslexia Retreat @ 10 and 11/9-13 Hutton Road, The Entrance North:

A Dyslexia Adult Retreat is highly intensive- over a period of five days, incorporating meditation, exercise, food education and preparation, as well as learning a way to improve your memory, upgrade literacy and/or numeracy - and thereby support your child afterwards. No need to drive to a facilitator early in the morning to beat the rush hour and back again at 3 pm. 

Instead you wake up with the rising sun over the ocean just outside the window, meditate and go for a walk or swim in the ocean in front of your room, hoping to catch a glimpse of a dolphin or a whale, then eat a wonderful healthy breakfast and start the program. With as many breaks as needed, the program is never too challenging and creates a safe platform to learn and exchange ideas with like-minded people.  By the time you leave on Friday afternoon, you will be different - and able to apply this difference in your life and possibly that of your child.

Changing your mind and healing your body includes healing modalities and times of deep relaxation and mindfulness.

The program includes accommodation, dyslexia course and all meals, cooked together in the gourmet kitchen. It's a lot of fun and that's just the side effect.

contact Barbara if you want more information:

M: 0402 686 327

Alternatively, for Sydney Clients, who wish to do the program here in Sydney, you can come to: 

36 Queen Street, Mosman, NSW 2088

to get assessed and directed to a program with a licensed facilitator or a program that best suits your needs. For children, I will recommend a facilitator best suited for your child - and for adults I will find the perfect group that best mirrors your needs, gifts and challenges.

Please email (, text or call Barbara (0402 686 327) for a one-hour assessment.

During adult programs in Sydney, you will gain confidence to master literacy, numeracy and/or attention and will leave with all the tools and materials necessary to continue their journey towards excellence for you and for supporting your child. 

All our programs are tailored towards visual or  kinaesthetic learning  preferences to gain mastery and confidence. You will leave equipped with the tools, confidence and competency to apply the new knowledge in any setting.