Sydney Dyslexia Correction

helping dyslexic adults and children utilise their gift    

"I want to transform the misconception that dyslexia is a learning disability. It's a learning difference, often linked with difficulties learning in a school environment and showing one's full potential. The difference,  if cultivated, is ultimately a gift"
- Barbara Hoi

  Barbara Hoi 

Founder and Director of Sydney Dyslexia, 

Sydlexia (

and Autism Sydney (

Davis Dyslexia Facilitator 2003 - 2017

A lot of dyslexics are intimidated by reading word heavy websites. 
So I thought to introduce myself with this short video
It tells the story of how I stumbled upon what dyslexia is
through working with my son and how this inspired me 
to become a Dyslexia Facilitator.

Starting in 2018, I will no longer provide Davis Dyslexia Correction one-on-one programs, but instead work with adults who are struggling with literacy and numeracy, as well as the parents of Dyslexic children in small groups, to fundamentally change themselves and their own difficulties, including nutrition, education and parenting skills, all during a five-day luxury beach retreat. I am happy to recommend Davis facilitators for their child, if required. 

If you have any questions, would like to discuss your concerns or book an assessment, just call me on:

M: 0402 686 327